Compared to many other destinations, Brazil is still relatively unexplored in terms of its real estate potential and it can creates excellent opportunities for higher returns on property investments.

The country has recently experienced a big boost in its popularity abroad, helped by its robust economic performance and a more active role in the international arena.

Its image is frequently associated with a casual and healthy lifestyle, friendly people, and a beautiful combination of nature, sea and rainforest.

The tourism inflows have increased very much and the international property investors are quickly realizing the huge gains that can be made in this fast growing emerging market. Most major tourism operators and hotel chains have invested in large scale projects, especially in the warm and sunny northeast coast.

With almost 5,000 miles of coastline, Brazil is a prime location for oceanfront properties, and perhaps one of the safest countries - both from a geographical, climatic and political viewpoint - for a property investor looking at long-term appreciation.
Brazil has a stable and democratic government, it is self-sufficient in oil and a leader in the development of renewable energy sources, such as ethanol and bio-diesel.

Below are some key points as to why you should consider Brazil as your next investment or your next place to live:

  • Foreigners can own 100% of land and property
  • Inexpensive real estate prices
  • High property appreciation potential
  • One of the leading emerging market countries
  • Extremely low risk of international terrorism and war
  • Vast coast line offers incredible beachfront options
  • Holds 1/3 of the world's fresh water reserves
  • Beautiful weather, with year-round sunshine
  • Low cost of living
  • Rich cultural diversity
  • Incredible natural beauty

  • And at the end but not for last :

    The best environment and marvelous and particular style and joy of life. . . .