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Salvador Bahia, Magic and Mystery
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Magical and enchanting
this is a city of thousands of colours.

People of different ethnicities mix in an interesting mystic atmosphere.

Profane aspects unite with religious ones
creating a perfect harmony.

This is . . . .

Music is a very important part of Bahia`s life.

It comes from the ocean , it`s found in the fishermen songs, in the grave sound of the "buccine" that announce the departure of the fish boats.

It comes from every path , from crossroads, from blind alley where the "atabaques" play in the "candomble`" orchestra saluting the spirits.

It comes from the schools of "capoeira Angola", from the berimbau rised for fighting. ( Jorge Amado )
Salvador is unique, loving and friendly

In its people`s smile you can find all the warmth , the joy of this Land.

Like the colors of the sea, of the sky and of the mountains, like the oriental aromas, the sweet and spicy flavors. . . it lives in the air, vibrates in the streets, resounds in everybody`s heart.

It is sweet to live and see the sea . . .

To live in Salvador is knowing a new life philosophy; it`s like receiving from this Land a beautiful Oxala`s blessing.

Salvador is the Brazilian capital of cheerfulness , the soul of Brazil.

Enjoy a walk in the Pelourinho`s streets and lose yourself in its mysteries.

Jorge Amado